In a world fueled by uncertainty, by flagrant disregard for the human condition especially among black people in the urban centers around the world, perpetual mistrust and a lack of sense identity, as an African American himself (or Caribbean descent) Andre believe he was spiritually lead to create a battery of works he calls “THE JOURNEY”.

Having traversed the perils of corporate America, much of it as unforgiving as the open ocean navigated by his ancestors, Andre responded to a visceral, deeply rooted spiritual cry during a mediation session that spawned his latest works.  

“THE JOURNEY,” and the transcendence from the depths is not over," he says. "In fact many of us still reside within the deepest and darkest places of our ancestral consciousness. Many of us are still weighted down by our own self-inflicted desire to dive to the depths versus ascending to the surface for salvation and air. While chains may not currently bind us the captivity is the same. We flow from one seemingly fluid, peaceful and placid current to another that is ever more violent, leaving bodies in its wake. It was important to me to use my voice and my art to speak for those who have gone before us. More importantly its critical for those voices to be heard us now!” 

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