"The Journey" is a project in which I am asking individuals to join the final stages of producing the remaining 16 paintings to complete the Journey series. The paintings 
Coming together to make an 8ft square image. 

Since I moving to Atlanta, I have been inspired to paint a series of paintings called      
“THE JOURNEY” over the last 7 years. Although some of the painting styles and techniques have changed over time. The message and the passion-dedication are still on track. Honoring all of the Africans that have lost their lives during the Atlantic slave trade. 

There is no accurate number to know how many actually died at sea. Since the captured Africans where listed as cargo or livestock in some cases. There are estimates reaching over a million women men and children. 

Through out history African Americans contributed to America and the world in so many disciplines from science, music medicine and technology. 

The big picture is to actually have these 36 paintings travel all over the USA and the world. Starting in Atlanta the land of civil war and the civil rights movement. 

Formulating a team to connect with additional individual sponsors-and corporations. To support the efforts, that would require making this Journey a reality. After the US the paintings would go abroad traveling to various countries and the countries from which the slaves where taken. 


Ocean Series

This series is currently 55% complete. All investments will be utilized to complete the acquisition of additional materials and finance the completion of the project by mid-October. The objective is to launch the first gallery showing in Atlanta with a follow-up national and international tour plan. 

The panels are designed to be sold in sets of three are comprised of panels that measure 36 x 36. Some paintings may be sold individually. Sales will continue to fund and support the mission throughout its tour.  

All sponsorships or monetary contributions are accepted and greatly appreciated.


Materials sponsorship                                                               $2,500-$5,000.00 
(Sponsorship may be applied directly to the purchase

of completed artwork or commissioned artwork) 

Purchase of the entire painting 9 panels 36 x 36                   $21,600.00

Purchase of a 3 panel painting                                                 $7,200.00

Individual panel 36 x 36                                                            $2,400.00

Prints on canvas 36 x 36                                                           $750.00

Framing is an additional cost (TBD) 

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